Guide FTTH

Guide FTTH

"The issue of this technical guide comes at a time when Portugal plays an important role in the European panorama of FTTH -Fiber To The Home. The implementation of ongoing projects will provide broadband services to the majority of the Portuguese population, covering all country.

 In this context and following the agreement between the Group and Cabelte Prysmian for the development and delivery of FTTH solutions to the Portuguese market, understood timely and relevant to its publication, hoping he can contribute to the dissemination of the latest and innovative solutions to the access network with regard to cables and connectivity.

 The FTTH Guide is designed to take account of the different aspects related to the project of fiber optic networks in buildings, housing developments and subdivisions, presenting the content in simple language and easy to use.  Portfolio of products for the passive network, are particularly highlighted in this publication solutions adapted to the regulatory landscape Portuguese, particularly the provisions of Manual and Technical Specifications of Telecommunications Infrastructure in Buildings, ITED (2nd edition) and the Infrastructure Manual Telecommunications facilities in housing developments, urban settlements and buildings Set, ITUR (1st edition). "

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