Cable Accessories

Cabelte provides a wide range of accessories, complementing the supply of cables for energy, telecommunication and, especially, for optical fiber cables.

The Group produces and sells both standard and also highly customized accessories designed to meet specific needs of each customer. Most of these enhancements are “taylor-made” and strengthens the proximity between Cabelte and its major customers.

Therefore, the Group provides accessories for any type of project/product, facilitating the work of customers/installers and giving assistance to end customers.

The range of Cabelte’s accessories is also a complement to other products, allowing the offering of integrated solutions on turn-key projects.

Cabelte provides a variety of accessories, namely:

- Optical fiber connector
- Patchpanels and DFU’s (Distribution Fiber units)
- Joint Closures for optical fiber cables
- Telecommunication racks
- Suspension sets and tension sets for optical fiber cables
- Dampers for electrical power aerial lines
- Cable joints for medium and high voltage power cables
- Cable termination for medium and high voltage power cables


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